A. introduction

Welcome to the Search2Save website (“Site”). Upon entering the Website, and prior to any action on the Website, use of any service or information existing on the Website and / or its Applications, you are requested to read carefully the Terms of Use of the Website, as set forth below (the “Terms of Use”).
By logging into the Website and / or using the services, information or applications presented therein, you represent and agree to the Terms of Use, and in doing so, you represent that you have read, acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Use, and agree to abide by them.
The Terms of Use set out below are relevant and applicable to any channel and / or media media in which the Site Content and / or its contents appear, in whole or in part, with the required changes. “Website” under these Terms of Use – including a mobile device app and / or any other media channel.

B. general

The Terms of Use govern the relationship between McMalant who is the Site Operator (hereinafter “the Site Operator”) and any person, corporation or body that uses and / or services, of any kind, existing on the Site and / or obtainable through the Site (hereinafter “User”). “). The Website Operator reserves the right to update the Terms of Use, from time to time, in its sole discretion, and without the need to provide any prior notice to the User, and these Terms will be binding from the moment they are posted on the Website. In these Terms of Use, the “Site Operator” means – including its managers, employees, shareholders, content managers and anyone on its behalf.
Users may not violate or attempt to violate the Site Security Rules, including:
Attempt to access information or connect to a server that does not require site participation.
Attempt to review or examine the vulnerability of the system or security network.
Interrupting or attempting to interfere with the site’s regular and regular operation.
Attempt to interfere with site availability, among other things, by inserting a virus into the site, loading, flooding, spying or site demolition.
Sending unauthorized emails that include, among other things, advertisements or product promotions, except for the purpose of site services.
These Terms of Use will require the User when using the Website and / or as a User of the Website.

Intellectual Property

Full Intellectual Property Rights (of any kind), including trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights, whether registered or not, on the Search2Save Web Site – including, without limitation, its design, and any software, application, graphic file, texts, computer code, Audio-visual content and any other material contained on the Website – are those of the Site Operator only and / or its content providers, and / or business partners, as applicable and some are also protected by the laws of the State of Israel, international art and copyright laws of Other countries may not be copied, distributed, reproduced, transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, re-transmitted, licensed, publicly displayed, publicly available, Create derivative works, rent, translate or deliver to any third party any part of the foregoing without the express consent of the site operator or (as applicable) by those third parties with the rights, in writing and in advance. The name of Search2Save, the site’s domain name and trademarks (registered and unregistered) of the site operator,
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the intellectual property rights in the content provided by you for publication on Search2Save remain your property. However, you must be careful not to submit to Search2Save content that you do not own the intellectual property rights with. By submitting any content for publication on Search2Save, you acknowledge that you own the intellectual property rights therein, and that you are permitted to authorize their publication on Search2Save. By submitting content for publication on Search2Save, you grant it a free, unlimited, free license to reproduce, copy, distribute, market and use the information at its discretion, in all content services it provides, and on any end device.
The Website may not be copied and / or reproduced and / or distributed and / or published and / or used in any content displayed on the Site and / or used directly or indirectly, which is a violation or infringement of the Site Operator’s Intellectual Property, unless expressly permitted by the Site Operator. In writing and head.
The Website Operator has a copyright in all information and / or display and / or software, including the design, trademarks, images, icons and trade secrets, developed and / or designed and / or authored and / or created by the Website Operator himself or his rights Passed to the site operator from a third party.

D. Use of the site

Use of the Website, including the content and / or the services and / or the products contained therein, is offered to you subject to acceptance of all terms, notices, and restrictions set out below.
Use of the Website is deemed to constitute your agreement that you agree to all terms, notices, and restrictions of these Terms.
Use of the Website and Content which may be used as is (AS IS) in accordance with the decisions of the Website Operator, and you will not make any claim, claim or claim against Search2Save for the features, limitations or responses of the Site and the End User Advertising. The use, therefore, of the content displayed on the site, the end devices and the website services will be at your sole and full responsibility. The information contained on the Website does not constitute a recommendation for the purchase of any product or service or other and should not be relied upon or operated on the basis of the information contained in the Website without verifying its correctness and legality.
The user of the site is aware that using certain services on the site is limited to users who are qualified to perform binding legal actions. If a surfer who is a minor (under the age of 18) is or is not entitled to take legal action without the permission of a guardian to use the site, including the content and / or services and / or products contained therein, the above user will be deemed to have obtained his or her legal guardian’s approval Do it.
Search2Save may close the Website and change, from time to time, the structure, appearance and availability of the services and / or products and / or content offered or provided therein, without prior notice to you. Therefore, you will not have any claim, claim or claim against the Site Operator in connection therewith.
Search2Save does not warrant that the service provided on the Site will not be interrupted, rendered uninterrupted and uninterrupted and / or be immune from unlawful access to Search2Save computers, damages, malfunctions, malfunctions, hardware failures, software or communication lines at Search2Save or any of its suppliers or any other cause, And that the products and / or services provided within the Site are free of viruses or other harmful components and Search2Save will not be liable for any damage – direct or indirect – of mental distress and as a result of you or your purchases as a result.
The site operator does not guarantee that all links found on the site will be valid and lead to an active website. The mere presence of a particular link on the site does not indicate that the content of the linked site is reliable, complete or up-to-date, and the site operator will not be held liable for this. You may find that these contents do not fit your needs, or that you object to them, or that you believe they are outrageous, upsetting, improper, illegal or immoral. Search2Save is not responsible for the content, data or visual elements to which the links lead and is not responsible for any consequences that result from their use or reliance on them.
Some articles may use sponsored links or unique IDs. If the user decides to purchase the product through the link, he understands and agrees that the Search2Save website and its employees are not responsible for the nature of the products, service, prices or delivery dates of the products. Purchases at these sites, including shipping, returns, customs, insurance, and so on, are the responsibility of the user and the sales site with which the contract was made solely and in accordance with their terms of use and privacy policy.
Without derogating from the foregoing, the Website Operator is not responsible for any damages – indirect or direct – that you or your property may suffer as a result of using or relying on the information and content appearing on the websites that you access through or through the use or link existing on the site and / or for the use or reliance on information and content posted Site by Third Parties.

Content surfers

Freedom of expression is one of the cornerstones of the site, but so is the observance of the laws of the State of Israel. Therefore, you are the engine that publishes the following content (messages, images, files of various types, links, texts and any other information):
Content of blatant, threatening, racist, defamatory, incitement, criminal, criminal or civil offense, infringing on privacy, harm, harming public sentiment and content that violates the law; Content of a commercial nature and / or containing any promotional information; Content that does not belong to you for intellectual property rights; Content containing computer viruses of any kind; Content that is not relevant to the topic.
The site operator may refuse to post content which he believes violates any of the above conditions and / or may harm any site and / or any third party, and may delete such content at any time.
Content written or created by surfers reflects the views of their creators only. The content does not, in any way, express the position of the site owners and their publication on the site is not the site’s consent. Search2Save does not check the reliability and accuracy of the content and / or the source.
Do not upload and / or post to the blog or through any content that is commercial, illegal, immoral or irrelevant, contains junk (spam, etc.), incorrect and / or unreasonable data and / or infringes (or in any way violates) Any third party rights and / or any law, including privacy laws and defamation laws.
The content you submit to the publication will be exposed to all web users and the site operator may not know what responses you may receive following the content delivery, who will respond, and in what way. Therefore, the Website Operator will not be liable to you (or anyone on your behalf) for these responses, or to any results you or your purchase may result from the above comments.
Search2Save will not be held responsible for the content contained on the Site and any endpoint device on which it appears, its content, reliability, accuracy, reliability and impact on the users of the Website and any damage, inconvenience, loss, aggression and any such results, direct or indirect, To your property or any third party for use of such content.
You should know that any information you submit to Search2Save for publication will be visible to any other user on the Internet. Therefore, you must act reasonably, cautiously, and wisely in providing personal information, as well as handling any responses you may receive as a result of using the Website or by publishing any identifying information.
Search2Save may edit (including briefly) remove, delete, block viewing and / or not permit the posting of any content on the Website, in its sole discretion, without updating the users.